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2017 PCI Annual Award Dinner (February 23, 2017)

The 2017 Pacific Century Institute’s Annual Award Dinner was held on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles. The event was attended by more than 230 friends, supporters and members of PCI. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was honored with PCI’s Individual Building Bridges Award and the East-West Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange in Honolulu was given the Institutional Building Bridges Award. Dr. Charles Morrison who served as president of the East-West Center from 1998 to 2016 accepted the award on its behalf. PCI Vice President Tom Plate said in his welcoming remarks, “Any human architecture for peace, across the largest oceanic expanse on Earth - the mighty Pacific Ocean - will take lengthy, patient, precise bridge-building. That’s exactly what our two honorees have aimed to accomplish during their extraordinary careers.“ Secretary Ban talked about transcending identity politics, universal values, and the power of youth in his speech. Dr. Morrison addressed the value and power of positive public diplomacy.

For more info, please contact Jackie Lee at pci@PacificCenturyInst.org.

2016 PCI Annual Award Dinner (February 25, 2016)

PCI 2016 Annual Award Dinner honoring Hong Seok-hyun, Chairman of JoongAng Media Network and former Korean Ambassador to the US, and Fulbright Korean-American Educational Commission (KAEC), Seoul-based initiator of Cultural and Educational Exchanges, was held on Thursday, February 25, 2016 at the InterContinental Hotel. More than 220 guests attended the event. PCI Board Member and former US Ambassador to Vietnam Raymond Burghardt was the master of ceremonies and PCI Board Member and former US Ambassador to South Korea Kathleen Stephens gave the welcoming remarks. PCI Chairman and former US Ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg introduced the award recipients. The Executive Director of the Fulbright KAEC, Shim Jai-Ok accepted the award on behalf of KAEC and spoke on the size, scope and impact of the Fulbright program in South Korea. Chairman Hong delivered his speech, “The Rise of China and the Future of the American Role in Asia” at length of the need for the US and China to cooperate in creating a cooperative, horizontal vice vertical, security architecture in Asia, and dialogue with North Korea being the key to resolving that issue. For more info, please contact Angie Pak at Angie.Pak@PacificCenturyInst.org.

Chairman Gregg's Honorary Doctorate

Chairman Donald P. Gregg was awarded his Honorary Doctorate from University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) on December 08, 2015 in recognition of the contribution he has made through his career in public service and, in particular, his work in Korean affairs.

To view the program please click here.
To see Chairman Gregg’s acceptance speech, please click here.

Salon de Palace Garden

Since PCI's 25th anniversary dinner in Seoul in May, PCI has been trying to follow up on its key message of searching for new ideas that can transcend ideological differences and bring about a nonpartisan vision for the future of the Korean peninsula, Northeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Launching of the "Sanglimwon Salon" is part of that effort.

To view the detailed report of Sanglimwon Salon session 1, please click here.
To view the detailed report of Sanglimwon Salon session 2, please click here.
To view the detailed report of Sanglimwon Salon session 3, please click here.
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To view the detailed report of Sanglimwon Salon session 5, please click here.
PCI in the Media

PCI Board Members, Founders and Fellows often contribute to the media. Below are recent written contributions of some of our partners. The opinions expressed are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Pacific Century Institute.

  "Getting to know the real Xi Jinping could mean preventing a conflict" by Tom Plate
  "Trump's mind and reality show within: why China should worry" by Tom Plate
  "Xi Jinping is not making history - history is making him" by Tom Plate
  "Don't jump if the wall is too high" by Spencer Kim
  "If American and Chinese youth believe in closer Sino-US ties under Trump, it's time the experts did as well" by Tom Plate
  "Trump's new North Korea strategy might actually work" by Seok-hyun Hong
  "Can China's ideology tsar, Wang Huning, be the steading hand in Sino-Us relations?" by Tom Plate
  "The North Korean Threat: War, Deterrence and Diplomacy" by Robert L. Gallucci
  "North Korean nuclear challenge and the Moon government strategy" by Chung-In Moon
  "With cowboy Trump leading trigger-happy America, should the world worry?" by Tom Plate
  "What do North Korea and an octopus have in common? More than you think" by Tom Plate
  "Is US military ready in Asia?" by Tom Plate
  "A US Navy caught is no joke, and no reason for China cheer" by Tom Plate
  "Danger of reckless threats" by James T. Laney
  "The North Korea Standoff: Have We Been Here Before?" by James A. Thomson
  "From ex-US marine" by Pete McCloskey
  "No one, whether in the US or North Korea, has the moral right to drive the world to nuclear war" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "A crusading US media in the age of Trump is a recipe for disaster." by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Time for talks with North Korea" Chairman Don Gregg's interview with the TIME.com
  "How India border stand-off gives China a chance to burnish its global image" by Prof. Jerome Cohen
  "Good planning, good luck and good trip" by Spencer Kim
  "China and the US are destined for war, if literary alarmists have their way" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Breaking the frame" by Spencer Kim
  "Lee Kuan Yew's squabbling children are tarnishing his legacy." by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Beijing should give Hong Kong some space if it wants to boost China's global credibility" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Change: a fast, disorienting opportunity" by Spencer Kim
  "Donald Trump's moves on North Korea and China defy convention, but who says they can’t be right?" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Why Donald Trump's escapes to Mar-a-Lago are good for America and the rest of the world" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Arguments for war" by Prof. Chung-in Moon
  "If Today’s Geopolitical Trends Continue, This Is What Our Future Could Look Like" by Dr. Greg Treverton
  "The Great Betrayal" by Dr. Bill Overholt
  "Why the US needs China to succeed, and vice versa" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "How the Xi-Trump summit can rebuild Sino-US trust and bring stability to the Korean peninsula" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Learning when to say yes and no" by Prof. Chung-in Moon
  "Think again, China" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "US-China collaboration on N. Korea" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "Judicial Supremacy" by Pete McCloskey
  "A true security president" by Prof. Moon Chung-in
  "Global economy looks to Asia for growth-inducing microeconomic reform" by Mari Pangestu
  "RCEP is more than TPP-lite" by Mari Pangestu
  "Why China should reach out to the US to counter Kim Jong-un" by Prof. Tom Plate
  "With hawkish Navarro as US trade tsar" by Professor Tom Plate
  "Duterte, democracy, and defense" by Dr. Bill Overholt
  Professor Chung-in Moon’s interview with NTI on NK nuke
  "Trump comes up short - for better and for worse" by Professor Tom Plate
  "Thaad's balance sheet" by Professor Chung-in Moon
  "A proactive plan for the North" by Spencer Kim
  "China should beware the trap set by 'dumb Trump'" by Professor Tom Plate
  "Advice to Pyongyang" by Prof. Chung-in Moon
  "China Can Lead in 2017" by Professor Tom Plate
  "Underwater drone spat shows why China-US relations are tense –and can only get worse under Trump" by Professor Tom Plate
  "One phone call won’t change US policy on Taiwan – or relations with China" by Professor Tom Plate
  "We stick labels on China" by Professor Tom Plate
  "The coin has two sides" by Spencer Kim
  "Duterte's 'pivot' to China" by Professor Tom Plate
  "Gunboat Diplomacy" by Professor Tom Plate
  "End the Tug of War" by Yu-Jie Chen and NYU Professor, Jerome A. Cohen
  "'No First Use' and the Peninsula" by Professor Chung-In Moon
  "Why ‘macho'Putin has the lead over Xi when it comes to American minds" by Tom Plate
  "Diplomacy never too late to curb NK nuke" by Chung-in Moon and Stephan Haggard
  "The Singapore political system may prove a difficult model for China, whatever the West thinks" by Tom Plate
  "Time may be right for a Northeast Asia nuclear-weapon-free zone" by Prof. Chung-in Moon
  "Blame it all on China – US and Britain playing a dangerous game with turn to scapegoating" by Tom Plate
  "China against the world: A tale of pride and prejudice" by Tom Plate
  "Our dangerously defensive leader" by Chung-in Moon
  "Basis for a breakthrough in Pyongyang statement?" by Chung-in Moon
  "Like it or not, UNCLOS arbitration is legally binding for China" by Jerry Cohen
  "Why marxism is getting a second look, however skeptically" by Tom Plate
  "Let's hope Hong Kong bookseller saga does not mean the end of 'one country, two systems'" by Tom Plate
  "Why the world needs boring but effective leaders like Hu Jintao, rather than trumpeting swans and political peacocks" by Tom Plate
  "Is there a way for Beijing to save face after the South China Sea arbitration ruling" by Jerome Cohen
  "Headlong into Iran" by Chung-In Moon
  A Japan-US reconciliation through "wreath-laying diplomacy" by Fumio Matsuo
  "Big Secret on Climate Deal" by Tom Plate
  "Dark Windshields" by Spencer H. Kim
  "The Republican Conventions of 1968 and 2016" by Pete McCloskey
  "Leadership in Asia: Personal Impressions" by Tom Plate
  "Can Korea Survive US-China Rivalry?" by William H. Overholt
  "Prepare a creative exit strategy" by Chung-in Moon
  "If it cares about its global standing, China should allay concerns about Hong Kong's missing booksellers" by Tom Plate
  "Malaysia and Mahathir" by Tom Plate
  "In the end, Pope Francic' 'kowtow diplomacy' towards China will show itself to be smart diplomacy" by Tom Plate
  "A Looming Crisis for China’s Legal System" by Jerome Cohen
  "Why the case of the Hong Kong booksellers is more of a worry than China" by Tom Plate
  "Why no one takes responsibility" by Chung-In Moon
  "Why Xi Jinping remains an international man of mystery to most in the US" by Tom Plate
  "China's courts continue to silence critics of party policies" by Jerome Cohen
  "North Korea still stable despite external vulnerabilities" by Chung-in Moon
  "Political leadership is not for parlour intellectuals" by Tom Plate
  "Benefits of Mount Kumgang tour" by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  "For good Sino-US relations, the Americans must learn to listen, while the Chinese must learn to talk" by Tom Plate
  "Price of Complacency" by Spencer Kim
  Representation at the PCI dinner - Sang-seok Lee
  Of Dinners and Deals - Tom Plate
  Opening Path to Unification - Chung-in Moon
  Why the Iran Deal Could Work for North Korea - Chung-in Moon
  No Magnanimity, No Unification - Spencer Kim
  China needs to deploy a more silken touch with its neighbours - Tom Plate
  The politics of China's anti-corruption campagin - William Overholt
  We should not incite continued criticism by China and South Korea - Fumio Matsuo
  Amid the economic and political storsm - Tom Plate
  Korea Delivers Culture Shock - Spencer Kim
  Three People Who Never Give Up - Tom Plate
  Big Ideas, Small Steps - Chung-in Moon
  Mr. Honda Goes to Washington - Spencer H. Kim
  Rep. Kim Sings Praises of Free Trade - Spencer H. Kim
  Dispelling Discord between Japan and the U.S. is an Urgent Task - Fumio Matsuo
  Demand Better of Power - Spencer H. Kim
  Dealing with Tragedy - Chairman Donald Gregg
  Lesson from George Washington - Spencer Kim
  Dialogue is only way to change North Korea - Chairman Donald Gregg Interview with YonHap
  Shocking, But Not a Game Changer: Unraveling Regime Dynamics in Post-Jang North Korea - Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Obama visit a double-edged sword - Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Is Kim Jon Un The Reformer, And The Executed Uncle Jang Seong-Taek The Reactionary? - Dr. Chung-in Moon
  The President Knows the Answer – Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Hard Work by Jerome A. Cohen and Margaret K. Lewis
  President Should Reach Out to Political Foes by Spencer H. Kim
  Interview on Chairman Donald Gregg
  The View from Beijing by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Criminal Justice in China by Dr. Jerome A. Cohen
  Loose Ends by Dr. Jerome A. Cohen
  The scoop on print media tragedies by Tom Plate
  Time for command transfer is now by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Headed toward a summit by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Keys to Successful Summit with Xi by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  President Obama's Edsel problem by Amb. Don Gregg
  United States not without blame by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Interview on Dr. Bill Overholt
  Park can better tackle NK issue by Amb. Don Gregg
  Sympathy for the devil – how best to deal with NK by Spencer H. Kim
  Understanding NK's motivations by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  A 'New Model' for engaging North Korea by Spencer Kim
  "The god that failed ― and then was gone" by Tom Plate
  "Incentives for North Korea's soft landing" by Chung-in Moon and John Delury
  "Will Kim's death aid US ties?" by Amb. Don Gregg
  "Our cash-strapped ally" by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  "The Limits of Certainty" by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  "Our Overly Patient Ally" by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  "Can Korea 'hedge' between US and China?" - Dr. William Overholt's interview with The Korea Times
  "Don't overestimate China's rise" by Dr. Chung-in Moon
  Uproar over Secret Inter-Korean Meetings
  PCI board member Amb. Don Gregg's interview with the Hankyoreh Daily on Park Chung-hee's Legacy (English)
  PCI board member Amb. Don Gregg's interview with the Hankyoreh Daily on Park Chung-hee's Legacy (Korean)
  No Time for Nukes, By Dr. Chung-in Moon
  DPRK Economic Delegation Visit, March 19 – April 3, 2011
  U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Opens New Business Opportunities. By Spencer Kim
  PCI Board Members' interview with the Hankyoreh Daily on North Korea Policy
  PCI 이사, 한겨레 신문 한반도 정세 좌담회
  Good News and Bad News from the Korean Peninsula, By Donald Gregg
  U.S. Policy toward North Korea: The impact of united assumptions, By Frederick F.Carriere
  Japan Reacts to North Korea's Shelling of South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island, By Ko Shioya
  Conversations with Mahathir Mohamad
  Is the Korean Peninsula on the Brink of War? An Interview with Chung-in Moon
  2011, It is time for a 'Change in Thinking' in Our Rough-And-Ready China Policy, By Chung-in Moon
  2010, What to do about North Korea, By Donald P. Gregg
  2010, Is China' s Post-Crisis Growth Sustainable?, By William H. Overholt
  2010, Entrepreneurs, Jobs and Asia By Spencer H. Kim
  2010, Masters of Misunderstanding Masters of Mistiming, By Spencer H. Kim
  2010, Sympathy for the Devil, By Spencer H. Kim