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Past Programs

In addition to sponsoring conferences to foster a dialogue on issues concerning the Pacific Rim, the Pacific Century Institute also supports various research projects and other organizations that work within the region. These include:

Korea-Japan Research Project

The Pacific Century Institute began a research project on relations between Koreans and Japanese in fall of 2000. This project is intended to develop recommendations for the improvement of relations between these two peoples. A report and a set of recommendations is expected to be completed prior to the 2002 World Cup competition being held jointly in Korea and Japan.

The project is aimed at the underlying, long-held sentiments by the public, the media and the educational systems of Korea, Japan and the United States. The project is chaired by two members of the PCI Director of Research Chung-In Moon and a member of the PCI Board of Directors - Richard Halloran.

The DPRK Energy Infrastructure

The Pacific Century Institute awarded the Nautilus Institute a grant to support their work on financing of the DPRK energy infrastructure. PCI has joined Nautilus in support of its work with the DPRK and other partners in an effort to identify options for rehabilitating the country's dilapidated power grid.

Pacific Basin Institute

The Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College was developed to act as a guide and interpreter between East Asia's cultures and policies and those of the United States. PBI was founded in 1979 by Frank Gibney and Maurice Mitchell. The organization sponsors major conferences, maintains an extensive film and video archive and organizes seminars and lectures on various items of interest.

Korean Police Exchange

The Pacific Century Institute helps support the Korean Police Exchange between the Aurora Police Department in Colorado and the Songnam Chungbu Police in Kyonggi-do, Korea. This unique exchange program was developed to enhance the relationship between Americans and Koreans as well as between the various American and Asian-American communities in Aurora.

The Aurora Police train Korean officers for two week sessions at the Asian Pacific Development Center in Aurora, while officers from Colorado travel to Korea to train at the National Police Agency.