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PCI Board Members, Founders and Fellows often contribute to the media. Below are recent written contributions of some of our partners. The opinions expressed are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Pacific Century Institute.
"Peril with Little Promise: The US Presidential Election and South Korea’s Dilemma"by Chung-in Moon
"S. Korea-China cooperation still has a long way to go"by Chung-in Moon
"Miscalculations could escalate into nuclear war in NE Asia"by Robert Gallucci
"At rock bottom: Moon Chung-in surveys the ruins of North Korea diplomacy"by Chung-in Moon
"Seoul summit offers valuable momentum for China-Japan-S.Korea cooperation"by Chung-in Moon
"Korea Peace Academy – It's Necessary"by Spencer Kim
"Will Seoul’s ties with Moscow really recover on their own?"by Chung-in Moon
"Trump's possible return will be mixed bag for South Korea"by Chung-in Moon
"When freedom is prioritized over peace in Korean reunification"by Chung-in Moon
"A Solution on North Korea Is There, if Biden Will Only Grasp It"by John Delury
"Moon Chung-in on Escalating Inter-Korea Tensions and What Lies Ahead"by Chung-in Moon
"There's more to security than deterrence"by Chung-in Moon
"With Pyongyang on war footing, US must quickly defuse nuclear flashpoints"by Glyn Ford
"A New Korean War Is Not Imminent. Accidental Escalation Might Be."by Chung-in Moon
"Accidental clash on Korean Peninsula could touch off nuclear war, warns Moon Chung-in"by Chung-in Moon
"Is Diplomacy Between the U.S. and North Korea Possible in 2024?"by Robert Gallucci
"Is Kim Jong Un Preparing for War?"by Robert Carlin
"A year and a half of Yoon’s foreign, security policieshas added to Korea risk"by Chung-in Moon
""South Korea Going Nuclear?": debates, driving forces, and prospects"by Chung-in Moon
"Avoiding the pitfalls of Korea's '80s constructionboom in the Middle East"by Chung-in Moon
"Lessons for Korea in the tragedy in Israel"by Chung-in Moon
"Biden will try to 'manage' NK nuclear issue, not resolve it: US expert"by James Laney
"Asia-Pacific vs. Indo-Pacific: Paradigm Shift or False Choice?"by Chung-in Moon
"'Siegfried Hecker on the New Russia-DPRK Relationship and Nuclear Cooperation"by Siegfried Hecker
"The Prospects of the U.S.-Japan-ROK Alliance and China-ROK Relations"by Chung-in Moon
"The Putin-Kim Summit Kicks Off a New Era for North Korea"by Robert Carlin
"China Incorporated: The Politics of a World Where China Is Number One"by Glyn Ford
"America: The biggest danger to the security of theworld?"by Chung-in Moon
"US, Japan came out of Camp David with clear gains,Korea with more risks, says scholar"by Chung-in Moon
"Yoon's talk of "anti-state forces" and an end-of-wardeclaration for Korea"by Chung-in Moon
"Alliance with the US constrains strategic autonomy: South Korean expert"by Chung-in Moon
"Taiwan Peril without Exit?"by William H. Overholt
"How a mature democracy formulates its security strategy"by Chung-in Moon
"Blinken's trip hasn't interrupted slide toward war"by William H. Overholt
"Does Yoon's year of values diplomacy deserve apassing grade?"by Chung-in Moon
"Can Thailand move forward after two lost decades?"by Charles Morrison
"Korea and US: partners in war and peace"by Dr. John Linton
"'Everything Is at Stake' Has Vladimir Putin Destroyed the Delicate Nuclear Order?"by Siegfried Hecker
"In Seoul, a voice for a new approach to the North Korea problem"by Chung-in Moon
"Whom does the shift from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacificserve?"by Chung-in Moon
"Going Nuclear Would Ruin South Korea's Prosperity and Prestige"by Chung-in Moon
"Coming to Terms with North Korea's Nuclear Strength"by Chung-in Moon
"US pandemic of dogmatism about China must end before it leads to war"by Tom Plate
"China is reinventing itself as a peace broker - howwill America respond?"by Chung-in Moon
"Dialogue: The Only Path to Understanding"by Spencer Kim
"The South Korea-Japan Forced Labor Deal Is a Shambles"by Nathan Park
"Looming Korean nuclear crisis shows world's need for deep thinking like George Yeo's"by Tom Plate
"North Korea has already turned off the lights"by Robert Carlin
"Make Pyongyang's Day!"by Glyn Ford
"Critical moments of denuclearization of North Korea"by Siegfried Hecker
"Nuclear armament is a lose-lose-lose for South Korea"by Chung-in Moon
"The coming prosecution of Donald Trump"by Pete McCloskey
"'Spy balloon' has darkened diplomatic skies over US and China"by Tom Plate
"Balanced leadership needed for peace on the KoreanPeninsula"by Chung-in Moon
"Agents of Subversion: The Fate of John T. Downey and the CIA's Covert War in China"by Glyn Ford
"The Disastrous Downsides of SouthKorea Building Nuclear Weapons"by Siegfried Hecker
"Yoon's pursuit of strong security mustn't costpublic's peace of mind, argues expert"by Chung-in Moon
"Amid US-China tensions, Japan must choose deft diplomacy, not Top Gun tomfoolery, to ensure peace"by Tom Plate
"The US has been getting China all wrong for two decades"by Tom Plate
"A Theme Park Crisis Is Wrecking South Korea's Bond Market"by Nathan Park
"Why criticism of a third term for China's Xi Jinping is rich coming from the US"by Tom Plate
"How the US, not just Russia, helped bring the world closer to nuclear war"by Tom Plate
"Nuclear N. Korea: Beyond deterrence andrecognition"by Chung-in Moon
"North Korea: Five Year Plans in a 40 Year World… …are No Plans At All. How to Make a 40 Year Plan."by Spencer Kim
"View the bigger picture"by Chung-in Moon
"US media must lay groundwork for peace offensive on Korean peninsula"by Tom Plate
"If Pelosi really wants peace to prevail in Taiwan, she'll stay away"by Tom Plate
"Abe's Nationalism Is His Most Toxic Legacy"by Nathan Park
"A thaw in China-US diplomatic relations? We can only hope"by Tom Plate
"No one, China included, wants to see the Ukraine war going nuclear"by Tom Plate
"America's shaky leadership makes for uneasy global order"by Chung-in Moon
"For loyal US ally Australia, defending Taiwan may well be a test too far"by Tom Plate
"Korean Peninsula: is a turn from armistice to peace possible?"by Glyn Ford
"Why US arrogance, not the Russia-China relationship, is the biggest barrier to peace in Ukraine"by Tom Plate
"A Black Sea humanitarian food corridor to Odessa"by Charles Morrison
"Threat of Russian nuclear attack shows why China’s no-first-use policy should be global standard"by Tom Plate
"Suggestions for Yoon to build facts-based foreign policy"by Chung-in Moon
"US-China relations need ‘planetary realism’ to avoid geopolitical and ecological apocalypse"by Tom Plate
"Ukraine crisis calls for China to take part in a daring diplomatic intervention"by Tom Plate
"South Korea's geopolitics: Challenges and strategic choices"by Chung-in Moon
"Ukraine invasion: China may be world’s best bet for brokering peace between Russia and the West"by Tom Plate
"The tragedy in Ukraine that could have been avoided"by Chung-in Moon
"Balancing interests and threats: challenges for korea's next president"by William H. Overholt
"The Ukraine lesson"by Spencer Kim
"Responding to skepticism about an end-of-war declaration"by Chung-in Moon
"China and the US: Two paranoid giants at odds"by Chung-in Moon
"The case for drafting in Barack Obama to help heal US-China relations"by Tom Plate
"Escaping the Tragicomedy: Is Principled Negotiation between the United States and North Korea Possible?"by John Delury
"COP26 climate talks: too much hot air for cooler heads to prevail"by Tom Plate
"No treaty, no N. Korean denuclearization"by Spencer Kim
"Lessons from the Alaska summit: both the US and China must rethink their diplomacy"by Tom Plate
"'Nuclear sharing' isn’t a thing"by Chung-in Moon
"North Korea nuclear deadlock: Minari's central message of love should inspire negotiators"by Tom Plate
"North Korea in 2020: In Search of Health and Power"by John Delury
"US must ditch its Cold War containment obsession - China is not the Soviet Union"by Tom Plate
"Hopes and fears about Biden's North Korean policy"by Chung-in Moon
"North Korea can change but won't fall"by Chung-in Moon
"Trump's failure is Biden's chance on NorthKorea"by Chung-in Moon
"China-US relations are too important to leave to Xi Jinping and Joe Biden"by Tom Plate
"The man with a plan for Korean Peninsula peace"by Chung-in Moon
"Political legend Pete McCloskey compares 'psychopath' Trump to Hitler -- and traces the GOP's demise to Newt Gingrich"by Pete McCloskey
"Has the Moon administration's foreign policy reallybeen a failure?"by Chung-in Moon
"Can Biden rein in America's debilitating delusions of moral superiority?"by Tom Plate
"China takes a page from the US Cold War playbook"by William H. Overholt
"Myths and Realities in Sino-American Relations"by William H. Overholt
"US-China relations: Capitol chaos a chance for Beijing to show leadership and give peace a chance"by Tom Plate
"The trap of the Biden administration and progressive idealism"by Chung-in Moon
"Cold War-era spy novels have much to tell us about the US, China and the new year"by Tom Plate
"It takes two to untangle the US-China knot. Will Biden and Xi succeed?"by Tom Plate
"How to Buy Time on the KoreanPeninsula After Trump's Theatrics"by John Delury
"Some post-election thoughts"by Kathleen Stephens
"The 3 competing viewpoints in Biden administration's potential N. Korea policy"by Chung-in Moon
"South Korea Matters More to the United States Than North Korea's Nukes"by S. Nathan Park
"US-China relations: Biden's America must evolve beyond old ideas with bigger guns"by Tom Plate
"US needs to start seeing China not as an enemy but a contributor to peace and prosperity"by Tom Plate
"Trump or Biden: Who can solve the North Korea problem"by John Delury
"US-China relations: A Biden presidency must start healing bilateral ties and alliances battered by Trump"by Tom Plate
"S. Korea should carefully consider its own national interest regarding alliance with the US"by Chung-in Moon
"Biden's America must abandon Trump tactics and rethink US-China policy"by Tom Plate
"The truth about the '80 nuclear weapons'"by Chung-in Moon
"US-China relations: mutual understanding is still possible despite the hostility"by Tom Plate
"China as Equal: Putting China as Rival into Historical Context"by John Delury
"Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death must inspire an era of 'notorious renewal' in the US"by Tom Plate
"Can China truly become a global leader?"by Chung-in Moon
"Thinking Through a New North Korea Strategy for Joe Biden"by Robert Gallucci
"How to teach China-US relations as tensions between the two superpowers soar?"by Tom Plate
"The Thae-Lee Brouhaha: An American Diplomat's Perspective"by Lynn Turk
"US election: the world is waiting for Biden to beat Trump and change the course of US foreign policy"by Tom Plate
"The US' "3 demons" and how they’re misguiding foreign policy into a new cold war"by Chung-in Moon
"In countering China, the US must not lose its knack for nuanced diplomacy"by William Overholt
"Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki"by Chung-in Moon
"US-China relations: Pompeo speech shows few new ideas towards the 'evil empire'"by Tom Plate
"Time for America to Listen to Moon Chung-In"by Chung-in Moon
"[Column] If you want peace, prepare for peace"by Chung-in Moon
"National security law: Hong Kong's young crusaders should stand down to fight another day"by Tom Plate
"Trump versus Huawei: right target, disastrous strategy"by William Overholt
"[Interview] China responsible for deteriorating relations with US, says Harvard research fellow"by William Overholt
"A letter from Troy"by Kathleen Stephens
"Trump and the US should focus on George Floyd rather than Hong Kong and Tiananmen Square"by Tom Plate
"Xi Jinping's China needs a foreign policy worthy of the 'Asian century'"by Tom Plate
"[INTERVIEW] Korea urged to design new foreign policy, security strategies"by Chung-in Moon
"With China and the US on the warpath, the world is heading for a fate worse than the coronavirus crisis, and that's madness"by Tom Plate
"Amid US hysteria over China's rise, the world is in need of more voices of reason"by Tom Plate
"Donald Trump may not be a coronavirus expert, but it doesn't mean he's completely wrong, or that science is always right"by Tom Plate
"How Donald Trump's incompetence breeds coronavirus denial in the US"by Tom Plate
"Two tasks for making US-ROK troop burden sharing sustainable"by Kathleen Stephens & Tom Byrne
"Another Wuhan could emerge as the coronavirus travels the world. Are politicians, including Donald Trump, prepared?"by Tom Plate
"Why the world must avoid returning to 'normal' if and when the coronavirus crisis winds down"by Tom Plate
"While the coronavirus' spread is blamed on communism, are Americans tracking the ills of their own political culture?"by Tom Plate
"As coronavirus spreads, anti-China sentiment must give way to a global effort to contain the disease"by Tom Plate
"The Doomsday Clock is ticking. Between Trump and Iran, how close is the world coming to nuclear war?"by Tom Plate
"'Frontal breakthrough and Chairman Kim's perilous odyssey"by Chung-in Moon
"From Donald Trump curbing his Twitter use to Xi Jinping retiring, here’s what won’t happen in 2020 – but probably should"by Tom Plate
"How to Stabilize East Asia"by Chung-in Moon
"Courting Disaster: How Not to Manage Existential Threats to National Security"by Robert Gallucci
"The trade war, North Korea's nuclear provocations and Hong Kong's protests all show what happens when 'principle' triumphs over reason"by Tom Plate
"How the US' North Korea policy has failed over the last 30 years"by Chung-in Moon
"Linchpin under strain"by Kathleen Stephens
"China could take a leaf out of US containment policy and keep its own hard communist ideology in check"by Tom Plate
"Diplomats taking a stand"by Kathleen Stephens
"To end the Hong Kong protests, the Chinese leadership must blink first and offer to negotiate"by Tom Plate
"Breaking the North Korean nuclear stalemate"by Chung-in Moon
"Fostering a global public sphere in real time: transpacific Skype seminars as a teaching strategy with implications for citizenship and identity"by Tom Plate
"Hong Kong: The Rise and Fall of One Country Two Systems"by Bill Overholt
"America is living under the threat of a Mao-like figure – Donald Trump"by Tom Plate
"The protests can end constructively for Hong Kong and Beijing, but neither side is showing the courage required"by Tom Plate
"From US-China trade war to ‘foreign interference', the nation-state system is ailing and needs a reset"by Tom Plate
"[Interview] The importance of diplomacy in reducing tensions with N. Korea"by Siegfried Hecker, Chung-in Moon
"The optimistic case for a US-North Korea deal, explained by a top South Korean official"by Chung-in Moon
"If China believes the US has grown soft, its military leaders should read James 'Mad Dog' Mattis' book"by Tom Plate
"Lessons to be Learned from Negotiating with North Korea"by Robert Gallucci
"China can play more active role in mediating Japan-South Korea spat"by Chung-in Moon
"Why China and the US need to worry about the war on think tanks and free thought"by Tom Plate
"Trump is right to not flap the wings of the American eagle in China’s face over Hong Kong"by Tom Plate
"A Bitter Pill for South Korea and Japan"by Spencer Kim
"Washington should stop shooting its mouth off about Hong Kong, when even Donald Trump is being sensible"by Tom Plate
"We Are Teetering on the Edge of a Hinge Point With North Korea"by Siegfried Hecker
"Can Australia overcome its China fears to manage its balancing act in the western Pacific?"by Tom Plate
"Is the China model a threat?"by Bill Overholt
"Machismo has no place in relations between mighty China and tiny, isolated Taiwan"by Tom Plate
"To win the 'battle for Hong Kong', Beijing must stop treating it as just another Chinese city"by Tom Plate
"Why Xi Jinping is courting Kim Jong-un"by John Delury
"This June 4, perhaps the US should forget Tiananmen, if we are ever to move on from anger and recrimination"by Tom Plate
"The Tyranny of time"by Spencer Kim
"How new-found trust between the Vatican and Beijing should inspire Chinese and US trade negotiators"by Tom Plate
"Moon Chung-In on economic cooperation and unification - NKNews Podcast Ep.71"by NK News
"Younger Okinawans' view of U.S. bases isn't black and white"by Charles Morrison
"Why the mum of Stanford admissions scandal student Yusi Zhao is mother of the year in my books"by Tom Plate
"The world can think its way out of a US-China deadlock, starting by reading Singapore’s Kishore Mahbubani"by Tom Plate
"America’s latest ‘red scare’ is overblown. China is not intent on world domination"by Tom Plate
"Trade war lesson: when you can't ignore China, learn to be patient and work with the Chinese"by Tom Plate
"In memory of PCI board member, Fumio Matsuoi"by KYODO
"The next stage of the Korean peace process – Why Seoul remains optimistic after Hanoi"by Chung-in Moon
"Donald Trump’s embattled presidency will take its toll – and not just on America"by Tom Plate
"South Korea Can Save the Nuclear Talks : After Hanoi, Back to Seoul"by John Delury
"After Hanoi: Lessons Learned"by Dr. Robert Gallucci
"In Kim Jong Un’s world, many clocks on the wall"by Keith Luse
"Japan, Korea: End the Suffering Contest"by Spencer Kim
"Why China’s model of development offers Asia an alternative playbook and need not inspire fear in the US"by Tom Plate
"Kim Ready to Accept Inspection of Nuclear Plant, Adviser Says"by Youkyung Lee
"There are no viable options except engagement in dealing with North Korea"by John Dale Grover
"China and the US are moving away from cooperation and towards more denunciations of capitalism and socialism "by Tom Plate
"Trump doesn't understand even the basics of national intelligence"by Gregory F. Treverton
"The Real Danger in Foreign Policy "by Spencer Kim
"China and America: The Age of RealistGeoeconomics "by William H. Overholt
"Living History with AmbassadorKathleen Stephens – Part I "by Kathleen Stephens
"Wang Qishan could be the new face of Chinese pragmatism after Zhu Rongji – and a voice of reassurance for the West"by Tom Plate
"Why China and Taiwan should set their sights on 2072 for implementing an agreement on unification"by Tom Plate
"Op-Ed by Fumio Matsuo"by Fumio Matsuo
"America’s China hawks, anti-mainland Hongkongers, and the Putin calendar: why 2019 would be a better year without them"by Tom Plate
"How to break stalemate on Korean Peninsula"by Chung-in Moon
"US-China cold war’s paranoid nationalism is spilling onto university campuses, hurting Chinese students"by Tom Plate
"The Korean Legacy of President George H.W. Bush"by Kathleen Stephens
"In memory of George H.W. Bush"by Spencer Kim
"With a trade war truce, China must make good on its promise to the US to review its economic policies"by Tom Plate
"Myths and Misconceptions in U.S.-China Relations"by William Overholt
"Xi and Trump have both made their point. It’s time to end the posturing, and the trade war"by Tom Plate
"In America - China's vital 'hinterland province' - the midterm elections are also a vote on the troubled Sino-US relationship"by Tom Plate
"There's no way out if US sees North Korea through its frame"by Chung-in Moon
"To Beijing: don’t hold Hong Kong too tight if you want 'one country, two systems' to succeed"by Tom Plate
"What the Brett Kavanaugh controversy can teach China about feminism and social change"by Tom Plate
"Kim Jong-Un has a dream. The U.S. should help him realize it"by John Delury
"With China and the US invested in a divided Korean peninsula, South Korean president Moon Jae-in is on his own as peacemaker"by Tom Plate
"the Start of Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula"by Seok-hyun Hong
"Inside the Dispute Derailing Nuclear Talks With North Korea"by Chung-in Moon
"Criticism of China by Malaysia's Mahathir resonates around East Asia, and with Beijing"by Tom Plate
"Seoul Deploys Secret Weapon to Sell North Korea Engagement"by Chung-in Moon
"The West is getting China wrong"by William Overholt
"In the US-China trade war, where is the bilateral humanity and the listening ear?"by Tom Plate
"North Korea: Liaison Offices - The First Time"by Lynn Turk
"Will President Trump's "Deal" diplomacy produce a "new history"?"by Fumio Matsuo
"Former US Chief spook does U-turn on denuclearization" by NorthEast Asia article featuring Dr. Gregory Treverton's conversation with Chung-in Moon
"The danger of speed: why China and the US must learn to watch first, then respond"by Tom Plate
"Door opens for North Korea's Kim"by Charles E. Morrison
"There Were No Losers at the Singapore Summit-What Critics of the U.S. - North Korean Meeting Get Wrong"by Chung-in Moon
"Why so much Western disdain for the Trump-Kim summit's successes in Singapore?"by Tom Plate
Chung-in Moon's interview with Amanpour CNN
"The U.S. cannot pull this off alone"by Chung-in Moon
Tom Plate's interview with Singapore Prime Minister Lee
"How Singapore's 'smart power' can inspire China-US relations in the run-up to the Trump-Kim summit"by Tom Plate
"Hope for peace on the Peninsula is not in vain"by William Overholt
"In the end, peace in Korea will rest on Koreans themselves - not the US or China"by Tom Plate
"Former South Korea special envoy: Why I'm hopeful about North Korea"by Seok-hyun Hong
"Playing with fire: why are Donald Trump and Xi Jinping whipping up nationalist fervour?"by Tom Plate
"Why North Korea will give up its nukes"by Spencer Kim
"Panmunjom Spring"by John Delury
"A real path to peace on the Korean Peninsula"by Chung-in Moon
CNN Amanpour interview with Chung-in Moon
"Why China should care about its image in the West"by Tom Plate
"It's a long way from trade tariffs to war, but China and the US must act as grown-ups to steer relations"by Tom Plate
"Trump and Kim Jong Un should form an alliance"by Seok-hyun Hong
"North Korea has US hawks and doves all aflutter"by Tom Plate
"Xi Jingping as president beyond 2023 may be good for China"by Tom Plate
"Why the Catholic Church is right to pursue a deal on bishops with communist China"by Tom Plate
NBC Sunday Today with Willie Geist featuring former Congressman Pete McCloskey
"Peaceful Pyeongchang Olympics can lead to lasting peace"by Chung-in Moon
Amanpour on PBS featuring Professor Chung-in Moon
"North Korea - US fear risks squandering the chance for peace"by John Delury
"As America heads back to a future of small-minded thinking, can China seize the chance to lead?"by Tom Plate
"Getting to know the real Xi Jinping could mean preventing a conflict"by Tom Plate
"Trump's mind and reality show within: why China should worry"by Tom Plate
"Xi Jinping is not making history - history is making him"by Tom Plate
"Don't jump if the wall is too high"by Spencer Kim
"If American and Chinese youth believe in closer Sino-US ties under Trump, it's time the experts did as well"by Tom Plate
"Trump's new North Korea strategy might actually work"by Seok-hyun Hong
"Can China's ideology tsar, Wang Huning, be the steading hand in Sino-Us relations?"by Tom Plate
"The North Korean Threat: War, Deterrence and Diplomacy"by Robert L. Gallucci
"North Korean nuclear challenge and the Moon government strategy"by Chung-In Moon
"With cowboy Trump leading trigger-happy America, should the world worry?"by Tom Plate
"What do North Korea and an octopus have in common? More than you think"by Tom Plate
"Is US military ready in Asia?"by Tom Plate
"A US Navy caught is no joke, and no reason for China cheer"by Tom Plate
"Danger of reckless threats"by James T. Laney
"The North Korea Standoff: Have We Been Here Before?"by James A. Thomson
"From ex-US marine"by Pete McCloskey
"No one, whether in the US or North Korea, has the moral right to drive the world to nuclear war"by Tom Plate
"A crusading US media in the age of Trump is a recipe for disaster."by Tom Plate
"Time for talks with North Korea" Chairman Don Gregg's interview with the TIME.com
"How India border stand-off gives China a chance to burnish its global image"by Jerome Cohen
"Good planning, good luck and good trip"by Spencer Kim
"China and the US are destined for war, if literary alarmists have their way"by Tom Plate
"Breaking the frame"by Spencer Kim
"Lee Kuan Yew's squabbling children are tarnishing his legacy."by Tom Plate
"Beijing should give Hong Kong some space if it wants to boost China's global credibility"by Tom Plate
"Change: a fast, disorienting opportunity"by Spencer Kim
"Donald Trump's moves on North Korea and China defy convention, but who says they can’t be right?"by Tom Plate
"Why Donald Trump's escapes to Mar-a-Lago are good for America and the rest of the world"by Tom Plate
"Arguments for war"by Chung-in Moon
"If Today’s Geopolitical Trends Continue, This Is What Our Future Could Look Like"by Greg Treverton
"The Great Betrayal"by Bill Overholt
"Why the US needs China to succeed, and vice versa"by Tom Plate
"How the Xi-Trump summit can rebuild Sino-US trust and bring stability to the Korean peninsula"by Tom Plate
"Learning when to say yes and no"by Chung-in Moon
"Think again, China"by Tom Plate
"US-China collaboration on N. Korea"by Tom Plate
"Judicial Supremacy"by Pete McCloskey
"A true security president"by Moon Chung-in
"Global economy looks to Asia for growth-inducing microeconomic reform"by Mari Pangestu
"RCEP is more than TPP-lite"by Mari Pangestu
"Why China should reach out to the US to counter Kim Jong-un"by Tom Plate
"With hawkish Navarro as US trade tsar"by Tom Plate
"Duterte, democracy, and defense"by Bill Overholt
Professor Chung-in Moon’s interview with NTI on NK nuke
"Trump comes up short - for better and for worse"by Tom Plate
"Thaad's balance sheet"by Chung-in Moon
"A proactive plan for the North"by Spencer Kim
"China should beware the trap set by 'dumb Trump'"by Tom Plate
"Advice to Pyongyang"by Chung-in Moon
"China Can Lead in 2017"by Tom Plate
"Underwater drone spat shows why China-US relations are tense –and can only get worse under Trump"by Tom Plate
"One phone call won’t change US policy on Taiwan – or relations with China"by Tom Plate
"We stick labels on China"by Tom Plate
"The coin has two sides"by Spencer Kim
"Duterte's 'pivot' to China"by Tom Plate
"Gunboat Diplomacy"by Tom Plate
"End the Tug of War"by Yu-Jie Chen and Jerome A. Cohen
"'No First Use' and the Peninsula"by Chung-In Moon
"Why ‘macho'Putin has the lead over Xi when it comes to American minds"by Tom Plate
"Diplomacy never too late to curb NK nuke"by Chung-in Moon and Stephan Haggard
"The Singapore political system may prove a difficult model for China, whatever the West thinks"by Tom Plate
"Time may be right for a Northeast Asia nuclear-weapon-free zone"by Chung-in Moon
"Blame it all on China – US and Britain playing a dangerous game with turn to scapegoating"by Tom Plate
"China against the world: A tale of pride and prejudice"by Tom Plate
"Our dangerously defensive leader"by Chung-in Moon
"Basis for a breakthrough in Pyongyang statement?"by Chung-in Moon
"Like it or not, UNCLOS arbitration is legally binding for China"by Jerry Cohen
"Why marxism is getting a second look, however skeptically"by Tom Plate
"Let's hope Hong Kong bookseller saga does not mean the end of 'one country, two systems'"by Tom Plate
"Why the world needs boring but effective leaders like Hu Jintao, rather than trumpeting swans and political peacocks"by Tom Plate
"Is there a way for Beijing to save face after the South China Sea arbitration ruling"by Jerome Cohen
"Headlong into Iran"by Chung-In Moon
A Japan-US reconciliation through "wreath-laying diplomacy"by Fumio Matsuo
"Big Secret on Climate Deal"by Tom Plate
"Dark Windshields"by Spencer H. Kim
"The Republican Conventions of 1968 and 2016"by Pete McCloskey
"Leadership in Asia: Personal Impressions"by Tom Plate
"Can Korea Survive US-China Rivalry?"by William H. Overholt
"Prepare a creative exit strategy"by Chung-in Moon
"If it cares about its global standing, China should allay concerns about Hong Kong's missing booksellers"by Tom Plate
"Malaysia and Mahathir"by Tom Plate
"In the end, Pope Francic' 'kowtow diplomacy' towards China will show itself to be smart diplomacy"by Tom Plate
"A Looming Crisis for China’s Legal System"by Jerome Cohen
"Why the case of the Hong Kong booksellers is more of a worry than China"by Tom Plate
"Why no one takes responsibility"by Chung-In Moon
"Why Xi Jinping remains an international man of mystery to most in the US"by Tom Plate
"China's courts continue to silence critics of party policies"by Jerome Cohen
"North Korea still stable despite external vulnerabilities"by Chung-in Moon
"Political leadership is not for parlour intellectuals"by Tom Plate
"Benefits of Mount Kumgang tour"by Chung-in Moon
"For good Sino-US relations, the Americans must learn to listen, while the Chinese must learn to talk"by Tom Plate
"Price of Complacency"by Spencer Kim
Representation at the PCI dinnerby Sang-seok Lee
Of Dinners and Dealsby Tom Plate
Opening Path to Unificationby Chung-in Moon
Why the Iran Deal Could Work for North Koreaby Chung-in Moon
No Magnanimity, No Unificationby Spencer Kim
China needs to deploy a more silken touch with its neighboursby Tom Plate
The politics of China's anti-corruption campaginby William Overholt
We should not incite continued criticism by China and South Koreaby Fumio Matsuo
Amid the economic and political storsmby Tom Plate
Korea Delivers Culture Shockby Spencer Kim
Three People Who Never Give Upby Tom Plate
Big Ideas, Small Stepsby Chung-in Moon
Mr. Honda Goes to Washingtonby Spencer H. Kim
Rep. Kim Sings Praises of Free Tradeby Spencer H. Kim
Dispelling Discord between Japan and the U.S. is an Urgent Taskby Fumio Matsuo
Demand Better of Powerby Spencer H. Kim
Dealing with Tragedyby Donald Gregg
Lesson from George Washingtonby Spencer Kim
Dialogue is only way to change North Korea - Chairman Donald Gregg Interview with YonHap
Shocking, But Not a Game Changer: Unraveling Regime Dynamics in Post-Jang North Koreaby Chung-in Moon
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